In the transportation business, to be a globally accepted trademark which is reliable, open to novelties and aims to thrive with its customers.


To provide our customers with an effective and fruitful service thanks to our concept of transport which is qualified, reliable, fast, ecenomical, open to flourish and goes beyond the expectations of our customers.


Ozgu International Transport was founded in Istanbul in 1994. Ozgu Transport, providing international transport for more than 14 years, has been rendering service to its customers beyond theie expectations with the help of its experienced workers and its stance in the transport business. It has been keeping its name in the transport business thanks to its concept of qualified, economical, punctual service and experienced workers.


*To satisfy our customers at the highest level by providing them with reliable and punctual delivery.
*To administer a policy which is open to flourish by keeping up with the technology.
*To find urgent solutions to any problems of our customers.
*To provide an effective and fruitful service with our experinced and expert staff.
*To perform our delivery in a reliable way with our continuously regenerating carriage fleet.